Capital Markets Consultancy

This client wanted to make multiple hires over a 12 month period. They were looking for Sales and Account Managers, Analysts and Practice Leaders to be based in London and New York. We agreed to use web based advertising for the more “junior” roles and targeted headhunting for the more specialist roles. This was an extremely proactive campaign set to a tight time frame. We became the gatekeepers to the business spending days at a time doing first line interviews and compiling detailed reports on site in the client’s city offices. We ran the entire process and successfully brought in the calibre of individual needed to take this business forward.

FinTech Software Vendor

In this situation our client was looking to make a discreet hire in APAC. They were in fact looking for a VP Sales APAC. We were asked to run a covert campaign to find someone as discreetly as possible, without alerting the market to the fact that they were looking to hire in this territory. They wanted to keep their plans off the street and catch the competition by surprise. Three months after being given the brief a VP APAC started in Hong Kong. Their tactics and the discretion we were able to employ during our search, enabled them to steal a march on the competition.

Career Mover and Shaker

A senior commercial executive looking to relocate back to London after a long stint in Asia. We were briefed on their requirement by phone having already met them in London previously. A two week trip to London was scheduled and we managed to fill this time with interviews at a variety of suitable venues. When it was time to go back to Hong Kong this client had two competitive job offers to think about as they took the long flight back to ASIA. They accepted one of the offers and are now back in London. In this instance we were able to demonstrate our ability to tap into our considerable network of opportunity, working proactively for a high level candidate looking to change roles.