What We Do

We are a search firm, specifically operating in the Global Financial Technology markets. We provide flexible, effective, efficient recruitment solutions to our clients and a personal but structured service to those looking to develop their careers. We will headhunt, network, advertise. We will do whatever it takes to find the right people. We will operate discreetly when a hire is covert or with more public impact when you need to let the market know you are hiring.

To firms in the Global Financial Technology markets we provide business critical, commercially minded individuals, whether it be in London, New York, Paris, Singapore, Hong Kong, Zurich or Stockholm.

For career movers we offer advice, coaching, ideas and access to our enormous network of opportunity. We will act as enablers helping you develop your career. We will question you and make you ask questions about yourself. We will not allow you to let the grass grow under your feet!

Our Approach

We listen. This is perhaps what we do best, as only by listening to what you want can we start to produce the effective results you want. Our vast experience allows us to find common ground with you and what the market is offering, whether you are looking to hire or be hired. No company or individual is the same but there are themes, needs, goals and objectives that find common ground with everyone. This is why after listening to our clients, we will then design a recruitment solution that is “tailor made” for each unique situation. Listening, planning, executing and producing effective results are the principles driving our business forward.

Specialist Areas

Financial Technology Vendors
Working across both the Buy Side and the Sell side, including firms providing the infrastructure that enables everything to happen.

Servicing the Financial markets offering Research, Benchmarking services and Integration.

Data Vendors
Providing both real time, analytics, historic information with associated technologies.

We have a track record of working with young businesses as they grow and evolve. Whether this be building out the business locally and taking it into different global markets or expanding a business from the US and creating a team in the UK and across Europe.

The Financial markets are international. We operate effectively wherever there is a significant financial market.