LGT Capital Partners Expands Collaboration with Accelex to add Fund Financial Statement Processing

London – 27th July 2022 – Accelex, a SaaS platform redefining alternative investment data management, today announced an expansion of its collaboration with LGT Capital Partners (“LGT CP”) to support the processing of a new document category: fund financial statements. Accelex will provide support to LGT CP to automatically extract a comprehensive set of financial and non-financial metrics from these documents supporting a range of additional investment use cases including the calculation of Total Expense Ratio (TER), a regulatory requirement in Switzerland.

“Managing the extraction of data from large volumes of complex financial statements has previously been a time consuming and resource intensive manual process,” said Moritz Mark, Head of Data Operations and Analytics, Private Markets at LGT CP. “Accelex continues to innovate, developing tools that help increase our operational efficiency as well as giving us seamless access to data bound up in different categories of investment documents.”

“We are thrilled to deepen our relationship with LGT CP, a leading alternative investment specialist. LGT CP manages large, complex portfolios requiring sophisticated solutions,” said Nicole Weder, Chief Product Officer at Accelex. “Through our collaboration, we have established what is fast becoming an industry best practice solution for transforming unstructured data into a format that allows for automation as well improved overall visibility into investment performance and operating costs.”

With the addition of fund financial statement processing in Accelex, LGT CP will automate an increased number of private market fund investment use cases including the calculation of the fund’s TER. This data must be published in accordance with Swiss law to ensure the highest possible pricing transparency, thus improving the overall basis for investment selection. With Accelex, investors like LGT CP are able to calculate TER automatically and accurately, which historically has been a laborious manual process.

About Accelex

Founded in 2018, Accelex provides data acquisition, analytics and reporting solutions for alternative investors and asset servicers, enabling firms to access the full potential of critical investment performance and transaction data. Powered by proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, Accelex solutions automate processes for extraction, analysis and sharing of difficult-to-access unstructured data. Accelex is headquartered in London, with offices in Paris, Luxembourg, New York, and Toronto.

For more information please visit: www.accelextech.com

About LGT Capital Partners

LGT Capital Partners is a leading alternative investment specialist with over USD 85 billion in assets under management and more than 600 institutional clients in 42 countries. An international team of over 650 professionals is responsible for managing a wide range of investment programs focusing on private markets, liquid alternatives and multi-asset class solutions. Headquartered in Pfaeffikon (SZ), Switzerland, the firm has offices in New York, Raleigh, Dublin, London, Paris, Vaduz, Frankfurt am Main, Luxembourg, Dubai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Sydney.